Combined air, sea, truck and rail freight services

Freight forwarding services comprise an end-to-end logistics management solution that reduces transportation search costs, accelerates decision making process and improves communication among all parties in a the supply chain.


Refrigerated trucking, cool chain operator

We offer effective logistic solutions for the products that need controlled temperature conditions. We use latest technologies for better results and offer customized packaging as per the requirement for the particular product.


Air Transportation

Air transportation – it is an ideal solution for pharmaceutical products, permitting fast and safe delivery of your valuable freights to any place of the world, meeting all standards of transportation.

Our developed cooperation with air carriers and cargo agents make it possible for us to transport freights by regular passenger airlines and the charter cargo freights.

For transportation of pharmaceutical products, requiring a special narrow-ranged conditions of storage temperature (vaccines, insulin, etc.) we use thermal elements or cooling boxes, which are selected taking into account their thermal insulating properties and the loading volume.  


Road Haulage

The company provides road haulage services by its own vehicles, but in case of necessity it can rent the transport of reliable partners.

For transportation of medical supplies we use refrigerator trucks, which exclude variations of temperature in the process of transportation. Monitoring of temperature conditions in refrigerator trucks is done by means of temperature registers, 

which let us provide a consignee receiver of cargo with a temperature report for all period of transportation. All refrigerator trucks undergo the mandatory sanitization before loading of any medicinal products in the cargo body.

In order to ensure full safety and monitor movement of goods, the company uses vehicles equipped with the GPS navigation systems, which let us monitor the stock in transit and optimize the itineraries of vehicles. For this purpose we use unique algorythms to develop itineraries, taking into account the traffic rules and the changing situations on the roads, providing clear and timely voice and visual tracking on the road.


Railway Service

In cooperation with the railroad operators, Astra Logistic Ltd organizes freight forwarding by rail from the departure station till the place of destination with a possibility of further transportation to a consignee’s warehouse.

Transportation of thermolabile preparations is done in 40-feet refrigerator containers, which are placed on the fitted platforms. 

The refrigerator containers are special containers with a thermally insulated body, equipped with a cooling installation, which keeps the fixed temperature within the range from -25 °С to +25 °С inside the container. The flexible system to build the refrigerator container trains allows us to convey a consignment from 20 to 550 tons over a distance exceeding 5 thousand kilometres with constant keeping to the fixed temperature conditions. During the whole itinerary, trains are attended by a team of mechanics who maintain a good condition of containers and safety of cargo.


Carriage by Sea

Our cooperation with stevedoring companies allows us to provide forwarding operations in the required timescale of our customers and offer the best ways of tracking cargoes.

For transportation of medical supplies, requiring keeping to a certain temperature setting, the refrigerator containers are used. The temperature is monitored by special electronic sensors inside the refrigerator, 

which provide constant recording of the surface temperature and the temperature inside the container. Astra Logistic Ltd. provides long-term and short-term storage services of medical supplies, including the thermo labile preparations in the warehouse of European products, as well as storage of pharmaceutical products in the customs warehouse.



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