About Astra Logistic Ltd.


Astra Logistic Ltd "is a provider of pharmaceutical logistics services to third-party (3PL) - manufacturer of pharmaceuticals, personal care products and nutritional supplements, which are both within the EU and abroad (USA, CIS, India, China, etc.) and specializes in supplying these products to final consumers in the Baltic countries and CIS countries.

The company provides high-quality logistics services in the supply chain to producers and wholesalers as to local and international markets. We are engaged in transportation, maintenance, storage, distribution, consolidation and processing of pharmaceutical products - marking and repackaging in accordance with customer requirements.



Our Clients

Our clients are big pharmaceutical companies, drug manufacturers, and small pharmacies. They appreciate the reliability of our company and offered solutions according the high quality standards and customer requirements.




Geographical Spread

By working with 10 European manufacturers of pharmaceuticals located in: Austria, Hungary, Germany, Greece, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Slovenia and Czech Republic.
We are also providing supply of active substances/ingridients in line with the requests of our clients.

The task of our team is to create and manage the global supply chain of pharmaceuticals from European manufacturers to the end consumers in Russia, CIS and Asian countries.




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